Willson, Grant Ph.D.

Rashid Engineering Regents Chair

Willson, Grant
Office: WEL 5.240 Mailing Address:
Phone: (512) 471-4342 The University of Texas at Austin
Fax: Department of Chemical Engineering
Email: willson@che.utexas.edu 200 E Dean Keeton St. Stop C0400
UT Mail: C0400 Austin, TX 78712-1589

Research Areas: Advanced Materials, Polymers & Nanotechnology,                                                       Modeling & Simulation and Process Engineering

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Presentation for Prospective Graduate Students

Educational Qualifications

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (1973)
M.S., San Diego State University (1969)
B.S., University of California, Berkeley (1962)


Polymers, materials, and processes for microelectronics, photoresists, liquid crystals, computer simulation, mass transport studies, kinetics, graft polymerization, biosensor arrays, novel processes for producing nanometer scale structures



Our research projects are chosen to provide students with an interesting, challenging, and important interdisciplinary problem that will produce new and useful knowledge. The projects are also designed to provide a framework in which graduate students learn to design and carry out experiments and to report the results of their work in written and oral form. We strive to provide students with the opportunity to participate in collaborations with other students and other institutions and to thereby gain research team work experience.

You are encouraged to visit our group web page. This page is the best source of detailed information about the research group and current projects.

  • Several of our current projects are related to photoresist materials and imaging processes. The goal of this work is to develop improved materials and processes for use in the manufacturing of microelectronic devices. Work in this area is highly interdisciplinary and includes among other things, theoretical studies on polymer dissolution mechanisms, sorption and reaction kinetics in thin films. Mesoscale, Mont Carlo simulation of the step and Flash Imprint Lithography process and the conventional lithographic patterning process. This effort includes coll horations with many other faculty both within UT and outside of UT. Experiments in this area involve developing techniques ranging from high speed, variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to radioisotope labeling studies and high resolution electron microscopy. We have collaboration with SEMATECH that provides some of our students with access to the most advanced semiconductor wafer processing tools in the world.
  • We have a significant effort directed toward Step and Flash Imprint Lithography, a new patterning technique that can be used to produce nanostructures.

Awards & Honors

National Medal of Technology and Innovation (2007)
Elected SPIE Fellow (2007)
SEMI North America Award (2007)
TeaChE 2006 Teaching Excellence Award in Chemical Engineering (2006)
AIChE Arthur DeHon Award (2005)
AIChE Arthur DeHon Award (2005)
ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science (2005)
Fritz Zernike Award, SPIE 2005 (2005)
ACS Heroes in Chemistry Award (2005)
Fellow of the PMSE Division of ACS (2000)
National Academy of Sciences Award for Chemistry in Service to Society (1999)
Malcolm E. Pruitt Award (1999)
SRC Aristotle Award (1998)
SRC Technical Excellence Award (1996)
Alumnus of the Year, San Diego State University (1993)
ACS Cooperative Research Award in Polymer Science (1993)
ACS Carothers Awards (1992)
Elected to National Academy of Engineering (1992)
ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials (1991)
Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award, FRG (1988)
A.D. Doolittle Award, PMSE Division of ACS (1986)
IBM Fellow (1985)

Selected Publications

  • Schmid, M. J.; Manthiram, K.; Grayson, S. M.; Willson, J. C.; Meiring, J. E.; Bell, K. M.; Ellington, A. D. and Willson, C. G.  “Feature Multiplexing—Improving the Efficiency of Microarray Devices,” Angew. Chem. 45(20), 3338-3341 (2006).
  • Grayson, S. M.; Long, B. K.; Kusomoto, S.; Osborn, B. P.; Callahan, R. P.; Chambers, C. R.; Willson, C. G.  “Synthesis and Characterization of Norbornanediol Isomers and Their Fluorinated Analogues,” JOC, 71(1), 341-344 (2006).
  • Dickey, M. D.; Collister, E.; Raines, A.; Tsiartas, P.; Holcombe, T.; Sreenivasan, S. V.; Bonnecaze, R. T.; Willson, C. G.  “Photocurable Pillar Arrays Formed via Electrohydrodynamic Instabilities,” Chem. Mat. 18(8), 2043-2049 (2006).
  • Byers, Jeffrey; Lee, Saul; Jen, Kane; Zimmerman, Paul; Turro, Nicholas J.; Willson, C. Grant. “Double exposure materials: simulation study of feasibility,” Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 20(5) 707-717 (2007)
  • Palmieri, Frank; Adams, Jacob; Long, Brian; Heath, William; Tsiartas, Pavlos; Willson, C. Grant. “Design of Reversible Cross-Linkers for Step and Flash Imprint Lithography Imprint Resists,” ACS Nano 1(4) 307-312 (2007)
  • Dickey, Michael D; Raines, Allen; Collister, Elizabeth; Bonnecase, Roger T.; Sreenivasan, S. V.; Willson, C. Grant “High-aspect ratio polymeric pillar arrays formed via electrohydrodynamic patterning,” Journal of Materials Science 43(1) 117-122 (2008)
  • Tao, L.; Ramachandran, S.; Nelson, C. T.; Lin, M.; Overzet, L. J.; Goeckner, M.; Lee, G.; Willson, C. G.; Wu, W.; Hu, W.  “Durable diamond-like carbon templates for UV nanoimprint lithography” Nanotechnology 19, 105302-104308 (2008).
  • Lin, Michael et al.  “Simulation and Design of Planarizing Materials for Reverse-Tone Step and Flash I” J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 7(2), 023008-1 to 023008-19, (2008).
  • Taylor, J. C.; Costner, Elizabeth A.; Goh, Sumarlin; Wojtczak, W.; Dewulf, D.; Willson, C. G. “The effect of added salts on the optical properties of water for high index immersion lithography fluids,” JVST, B: 26(2), 506-513 (2008).
  • Matsumoto, Kazuya; Costner, Elizabeth; Nishimura, Isao; Ueda, Mitsuru; Willson, C. Grant.  “High Index Resist for 193nm Immersion Lithography.”  Macromolecules 41(15), 5674-5680 (2008).
  • Lin, Michael W.; Hellebusch, Daniel J.; Wu, Kai; Kim, Eui K.; Lu, Kuan H.; Liechti, Kenneth M.; Ekerdt, John G.; Ho, Paul S.; Willson, C. Grant  “The Role of Surfactants in Adhesion Reduction for Step and Flash Imprint Lithography”  J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 7(3), 033005 (Jul-Sep 2008).