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Office Location: MBB 3.312AA

Jason Lavinder

Research Assistant Professor

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Educational Qualifications

Ph.D., Biochemistry, The Ohio State University (2009)


Antibody repertoires elicited by infection and vaccination, antibody structure and function.


The BCR-Seq and Ig-Seq technologies for high-throughput profiling of antibody repertoires have enabled our team at UT Austin to examine the adaptive immune response at a single molecule level, identifying and quantitating the constituent B-cells and serum antibodies being produced with unparalleled precision. This combined antibody profiling approach provides an invaluable set of metrics to examine the adaptive immune response with high-resolution. Specifically, the ability to resolve the endpoint serum antibody lineages in both health and disease provides a much-needed understanding of the role of humoral immunity in protection and/or pathogenicity in a variety of contexts. To date, we have used Ig-Seq and BCR-seq to delineate antibody repertoires in response to tetanus toxoid, poliomyelitis, influenza, HIV, malaria, dengue virus, and norovirus. More recently, we have extended this approach to patients infected with or vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.


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