Goals and Commitments

Through a sustained effort to strengthen diversity, provide equitable opportunities, and develop an inclusive environment within the Texas ChE community, we strive toward the following through our actions, communications, policies, and processes:
  1. Foster an inclusive climate that values, supports, and encourages all community members and provides a strong sense of belonging
  2. Attract diverse applicants for undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as for staff and faculty positions
  3. Increase our community’s awareness of the value diversity brings to our educational and research missions and the challenges faced by students, staff, and faculty from different backgrounds and life experiences
  4. Recruit, retain and recognize diverse students, staff, and faculty
  5. Support the development of each member of the community to reach their potential

To foster the success of all members of our community and to welcome a broader diversity of people is our responsibility as an institution and also offers an opportunity to strengthen our department as a whole. We are continuously assessing and looking for ways to improve all aspects of our program, from undergraduate and graduate education to faculty development and alumni engagement.

- Delia Milliron, department chair

Have an idea or a concern regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the department? Reach out to the department leadership team.

Broadening Participation in ChE

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