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Biotech senior research scientist and Texas ChE alum, Dr. Julie Fogarty, talks with Ph.D. student Dalton Towers.

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Dr. Tae Han Kim, Founding CEO and Chairman of Samsung Biologics and Texas ChE alum, talks with Ph.D. student Aaliyah Shodeinde.

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Research Areas

  • woman at desk holding piece of film Advanced Materials, Polymers & Nanotechnology

    Design and synthesis of inorganic and polymeric materials at the molecular level to achieve desirable properties for a wide range of applications

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  • person in lab wearing gloves holding pipette Biotechnology

    Applying chemical engineering principles for the development of biochemical processes and biomedical applications

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  • man in lab wearing orange glasses holding light Energy

    The development of photovoltaics, catalysts for fuels from sunlight, and electrical energy generation and storage systems engineering for energy efficiency

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  • three people in lab coats looking at beaker Environmental Engineering

    Programs to understand the fundamental science and engineering of air and water pollution, and to develop data for informed policy decisions. Process development for CO2 capture and sequestration

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  • woman and man looking and pointing at computer screen Modeling & Simulation

    The development and application of multiscale models and high performance computational simulations spanning atomic to continuum time and length scales

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  • close up of hands holding computer chip plugged in Process Engineering

    Design, modeling, optimization, and control of petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and microelectronic processes

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ChE Graduate Program Q & A with Professor Korgel

Learn more about the chemical engineering Ph.D. program with graduate recruitment advisor, Professor Korgel, from his Texas ChE Instagram Live Q & A.

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Brian Korgel and students in Denmark
RT @Contreras_Lab: As we look beyond Earth and towards the stars, our studies on the survival mechanisms of extremophilic organisms and cel…


2023 View of Earth

Biomanufacturing Blasts Off to Support Space Missions and, Potentially, Life on Other Planets

As the world's attention has turned back to space travel in recent years, logistics questions about how to pull off long missions, and maybe even someday life on other planets, have popped up.

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ASM Lydia Conterars

Lydia Contreras Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology

Lydia Contreras is one of 65 newly elected American Academy of Microbiology (Academy) class of 2023 fellows.

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2023 National Academy of Inventors

Two Faculty Members named to the National Academy of Inventors’ 2023 class of Senior Members

Department Chair Delia Milliron and Professor Jennifer Maynard are among four University of Texas at Austin faculty named to the National Academy of Inventors’ 2023 class of Senior Members.

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Passing of Delbert Max Ottmers Jr. – Former Senior Lecturer and Alumnus

Delbert Max Ottmers Jr. passed away Friday, February 10, 2023. He was an alumnus and former faculty member in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering.

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