three people in lab coats looking at beaker

Environmental engineering research is improving the air breathed by millions of people every day by identifying cost effective methods for improving urban air quality; our faculty and students are also developing technologies that reduce major sources of carbon emissions and our research continually influences how chemical engineers incorporate environmental objectives into their designs.

Our department has one of the largest and most productive air quality research programs in the world, including laboratory studies, field programs and computationally intensive modeling. We are the leading carbon capture and sequestration program in the United States.  We host a unique test facility at J.J. Pickle Research Center that allows researchers to test and improve technologies that reduce carbon emissions by 90 percent. Along with exceptional research facilities, our faculty are leaders in incorporating sustainability into engineering curricula.

Chemical engineering expertise in reaction engineering, separations processes, thermodynamics and transport phenomena provide the tools for our faculty and students to create environmentally benign processes and products, to design pollution control technologies and to characterize the fate of chemicals released into the environment.