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Photo of Dunia, Ricardo
Office Location: CPE 4.458

Ricardo Dunia


Department Research Areas:
Modeling and Simulation
Process Engineering

Educational Qualifications

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin (1997)
M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park (1992)

Courses Taught

ChE 360: Process Control
ChE 356: Optimization: Theory and Practice


Process industry has been recently subject to demanding operational decisions due to competitive global markets. The development of predictive algorithms for fast dynamic systems, online identification of abnormal operating conditions, the design of training systems for safe and reliable operations and use of data analytics for optimal supply-demand inventory decisions have been my topics of study to successfully address industry operations productivity and reliability.

Selected Publications

  • Use of principal component analysis for sensor fault identification
    Ricardo Dunia, S. Joe Qin, Thomas F. Edgar, Thomas J. McAvoy
    Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 20, Supplement 1, 1996, Pages S713-S718
  • A complete programming framework for process control education
    Dunia, R.; Edgar, T.F.; Haugen, F.;
    Control Applications, 2008. CCA 2008. IEEE International Conference on
    3-5 Sept. 2008 Page(s):516 - 521
  • Determining the number of principal components for best reconstruction
    S. Joe Qin, Ricardo Dunia
    Journal of Process Control, Volume 10, Issues 2-3, April 2000, Pages 245-250
  • Graphical based predictive control design
    Balbis, L.; Katebi, R.; Dunia, R.;
    Control Applications, 2005. CCA 2005. Proceedings of 2005 IEEE Conference on
    28-31 Aug. 2005 Page(s):297 - 302
  • Nonlinear Predictive Control for Real Time Applications
    Balbis, L.; Katebi, R.; Dunia, R.; Ordys, A.; Grimble, M.J.;
    Intelligent Control, 2006. IEEE International Symposium on
    4-6 Oct. 2006 Page(s):211 - 216