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Photo of Landaverde-Alvarado, Carlos
Office Location: CPE 3.454

Carlos Landaverde-Alvarado

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Research Website

Educational Qualifications

M.B.A, Boston University (2023)
Postdoctoral Researcher, Virginia Tech (2017-2018)
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech (2016)
M.Eng., Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech (2015)
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (2009)

Courses Taught

ChE 264 Chemical Engineering Process and Projects Laboratory
CHE 253M Measurement, Control, and Data Analysis Laboratory


Laboratory instruction, development, and management.
Chemical engineering education.

Research Interests

Engineering Education Research:

  • Project-based learning, design thinking education, and the creation of effective practical laboratory experiences
  • Effective teamwork training and the development of teaming skills
  • Professional development to close the gap between classroom learning and industry practice in new engineering graduates
  • The creation of innovative approaches to engineering pedagogy
  • The integration of sustainability and process safety practices in the chemical engineering curriculum

Selected Publications

  • Landaverde-Alvarado, C. (2024) Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Project-Based Learning (PjBL) in a Continuously Improving Chemical Engineering Laboratory Experience. Chem. Eng. Educ. 58 (2).
  • Landaverde-Alvarado, C. (2023) Work in progress: A teamwork training model to promote the development of teaming skills in chemical engineering students. ASEE Annu. Conf. Expo. Proc. https://peer.
  • Landaverde-Alvarado, C. (2020) Morris, A.; Martin, S. M. Characterization of gas permeation in the pores of Zn(II)-based metal organic framework (MOF)/polymer composite membranes. Sep. Sci. Technol., 55:14, 2604-2614.
  • Landaverde-Alvarado, C. (2017) Morris, A.; Martin, S. M. Gas Sorption and Kinetics of CO2 Sorption and Transport in a Polymorphic Microporous MOF with Open Zn (II) Coordination Sites. J. CO2 Util., 19, 40-48.