• Researchers Create a Nontoxic Flame Retardant

    Researchers Create a Nontoxic Flame Retardant

    Chris Ellison’s research group has created a new flame retardant made of polydopamine, a naturally derived and nontoxic chemical, which can be used as a highly effective, water-applied flame retardant.
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  • “A Grand Scale” Trailer Release

    “A Grand Scale” Trailer Release

    We've released a sneak peek of the department's official centennial documentary. Watch it here.
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  • A Teacher’s Teacher in Engineering Education

    A Teacher’s Teacher in Engineering Education

    Reflect on the career of Professor Emeritus Jim Stice, who created and directed the Bureau of Engineering Teaching, believed to be the first engineering teaching and learning center.
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  • Celebrating Our Centennial

    Celebrating Our Centennial

    Join us as we celebrate the department’s impact over the past century and look at how we are leading world-changing engineering education and research for the future.
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Did you know?

  • The department has more than 700 undergraduate students
  • The National Research Council ranks the department #2 (regressions based)
  • The department has two Institute of Medicine members
  • Five faculty members are among the top 25 most cited chemical engineers in the world
  • We have 19 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellows
  • UT Austin ranks #28 in the world’s top universities, according to Times Higher Education
  • UT Austin has the lowest cost of living compared to other Top 10 ChE programs
  • Average starting salary for B.S. graduates is $73,938
  • Department faculty and students have made up 15 percent of AIChE Institute Lecturers since 1949
  • The department has approximately 190 graduate students

    Meet our Faculty

    Christopher Ellison

    Assistant Professor Ellison works in Advanced Materials; Energy; Modeling, Simulation & Theory; Polymers; Surface & Interface Science with specific interests in Self-assembly and Properties of Nanostructured Polymers; Block copolymers; Synthesis of Polymers with Controlled Architectures; Nanocomposites; Relaxation and Diffusion Dynamics of Nanoconfined Polymers; Green Processing of Nanomaterials.

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