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Undergraduate Engineering Program
U.S. News & World Report

Make the greatest impact. The University of Texas at Austin is the right place to secure a successful career in engineering.  Chemical engineering is one of the most broadly based engineering disciplines, offering more opportunities from a large pool of industries.  The chemical engineering undergraduate program is at the top deservingly and gives students the confidence, experience, and connections to change the world.

Department faculty are experts in their fields and chemical engineering students are top quality.  Studying under and among the best is challenging and prepares students to enter a competitive workforce.

Undergraduates dig in and work alongside world-renowned faculty and graduate students on ground-breaking research.  Students assist on projects such as drug delivery systems that improve chemotherapy, alternative fuel sources to create new sources of energy, and process development for CO2 capture to lower carbon emissions and curb global warming.

Strong ties with industry and a huge networking base of corporate partners and alumni helps the program maintain impressive employment rates. On average, over 90 percent of tracked graduates get a job or graduate school placement within six months after graduation.

The program has a unique mentoring culture with many faculty holding coveted teaching awards. The department is a tight-knit community with ample undergraduate research opportunities.