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Dissertations & Theses

Alawode, A. "Oxidative Degradation of Piperazine." M.S. Thesis (2005).

Al-Juaied, M. “Carbon Dioxide Removal from Natural Gas by Membranes in the Presence of Heavy Hydrocarbons and by Aqueous Diglycolamine®/Morpholine.” Ph.D. Dissertation (2004).

Austgen, D.M. “A Model of Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for Acid Gas-Alkanolamine–H2O Systems.” Ph.D. Dissertation (1989).

Bishnoi, S. "Carbon Dioxide Absorption and Solution Equilibrium in Piperazine Activated Methyldiethanolamine." Ph.D. Dissertation (2000).

Chen, E. "Carbon Dioxide Absorption into Piperazine Promoted Potassium Carbonate using Structured Packing." Ph.D. Dissertation (2007).

Cohen, S. "The Implications of Flexible CO2 Capture on the ERCOT Electric Grid." M.S. Thesis (2009).

Chi, Q.S. "Oxidative Degeneration of Monoethanolamine." M.S. Thesis (2000).

Critchfield, J. “CO2 Absorption/Desorption in Methyldiethanolamine Solutions Promoted with Monoethanolamine and Diethanolamine: Mass Transfer and Reaction Kinetics.Ph.D. Dissertation (1988).

Cullinane, J.T. “Carbon Dioxide Absorption in Aqueous Mixtures of Potassium Carbonate and Piperazine.” M.S. Thesis (2002).

Cullinane, J.T. “Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Aqueous Piperazine with Potassium Carbonate for Carbon Dioxide Absorption.” Ph.D. Dissertation (2005).

Dang, H. “CO2 Absorption Rate and Solubility in MEA/PZ/H2O.” M.S. Thesis (2000).

Dugas, R. "Pilot Plant Study of Carbon Dioxide Capture by Aqueous Monoethanolamine." M.S.E. Thesis (2006).

Freguia, S. “Modeling of CO2 Removal from Flue Gases Using MEA.” M.S. Thesis (2002).

Freguia, S. Equilibrium Reaction Aspen Plus® Code.

Goff, G. “Oxidative Degradation of Aqueous Monoethanolamine in CO2 Capture Processes:   Iron and Copper Catalysis, Inhibition, and O2 Mass Transfer.Ph.D. Dissertation (2005).

Hilliard, M. Thermodynamics of Aqueous Piperazine/Potassium Carbonate/Carbon Dioxide Characterized by the Electrolyte NRT Model within Aspen Plus®. M.S. Thesis (2005).

Hilliard, M. A Predictive Thermodynamic Model for an Aqueous Blend of Potassium Carbonate, Piperazine, and Monoethanolamine for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gas.” Ph.D. Dissertation (2008).

Hilliard, M. Hilliard Aspen Plus® Code

McGlamery, G.G. "Liquid Film Transport Characteristics of Textured Metal Surfaces." Ph.D. Dissertation (1988).
McLees, J.A. "Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Monoethanolamine/Piperazine/Water at 35-70°C." M.S.E. Thesis (2006).

Okoye, C. "Rate and Solubility in MEA/PZ/Water." M.S. Thesis (2005).

Oyenekan, B. "Modeling of Strippers for CO2 capture by Aqueous Amines." Ph.D. Dissertation (2007).

Pacheco, M. “Mass Transfer, Kinetics and Rate-Based Modeling of Reactive Absorption.” Ph.D. Dissertation (1998).

Posey, M. “Thermodynamic Model for Acid Gas Loaded Aqueous Alkanolamine Solutions.” Ph.D. Dissertation (1996).

Roy, S. “Absorption of Chlorine and Mercury in Sulfite Solutions.Ph.D. Dissertation (2002).

Sexton, A. "Amine Oxidization in CO2 Capture Processes." Ph.D. Dissertation (2008).
Xu, Qing. "Solvent Reclaiming by Crystallization of Potassium Sulfate." M.S. Thesis (2008).
Wilson, I. "Gas-Liquid Contact Area of Random and Structured Packing." M.S. Thesis (2004).

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