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Fall 2014 Registration Updates

Registration for Fall 14 classes has closed until just before classes begin on August 27. 

  • Are you planning to graduate in December 2014? If yes, and if you are still waiting for a seat in a required ChE course (ChE 350, 360, 264, 473K), please send an email to advising@che.utexas.edu describing your situation. Be sure to include your UTEID.
  • ChE 253M update: many students were added to ChE 253M prior to the close of registration on July 18. Please note that the start time for the Tuesday section is now 2 pm to accommodate students who want to take a TTH 12:30-2 pm elective course. If you are registered for either the Monday or Wednesday section and want to change to the Tuesday section please send an email to advising@che.utexas.edu. 

Updated: July 27, 2014

New ChE electives for Fall 14:

ChE 379 (15230) - Fundamentals and Applications of Cellular Regulation (Dr. Lydia Contreras)

The course will survey various molecular networks in living systems that serve to regulate cellular function. We will discuss various regulatory mechanisms that include post-transcriptional and post-translational control schemes, the role of these systems in bacterial communities and pathogenesis, experimental ways to map and assay these networks, the sensitivity of these systems to structural and chemical changes, their synthetic applications (as aptamers, switches, etc.), and the way they have been mathematically treated in biological models for metabolic engineering and small molecule design.

ChE 379 (15220) - Atmospheric Physicochemical Processes (Dr. Lea Hildebrandt Ruiz)

Air pollution kills – about 50,000 people per year in the United States alone. In this course you will
learn how gas and particle phase pollutants form and transform in the atmosphere using
quantitative chemical engineering fundamentals. A main focus of the course is the microphysics,
chemistry and thermodynamics of atmospheric nanoparticles. The course is designed for students
with an engineering background but is also open to students with backgrounds in the life sciences.
Topics include: single particle dynamics, condensational and coagulational growth processes,
nanoparticle nucleation, solution to the general dynamic equation, formation of secondary
nanoparticles via gas- and aqueous-phase chemistry, phase partitioning in the inorganic sulfatenitrate-
ammonium system, absorptive partitioning theory of organic nanoparticles, water uptake,
aerosol-cloud interactions, and climate and health effects of atmospheric nanoparticles.

Faculty Advising for Summer & Fall 2014 Early Registration has concluded.

If you missed faculty advising:

  • Please Download the Summer & Fall 2014 Advising Sheets  and complete the worksheets
  • Print the advising sheets by using the print button on your advising sheets
  • Submit the worksheets to the McKetta Undergraduate Office in CPE 2.706 or via email to advising@che.utexas.edu

Are you planning to graduate in December 2014?

If you plan to graduate in December 2014, the link to the Graduating Senior Degree Audit Survey will be posted soon. This will help us update your degree audit so that when you run an IDA 2.0 audit it will breathtakingly display that you have completed all of the requirements for the B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering. 

Please complete the required survey even if you have already been discussing your degree audit with the McKetta Undergraduate Office.

TIP: If you make an error, close the survey tab/window and click on this link again.  There will be an option to restart the survey.

TIP: If a question requires you to choose more than one class, hold down on the ctrl or command key when clicking within the list of courses.

Updated: May 28, 2014

Helpful Links/Tools

The Suggested Arrangement of Courses on the Degree Requirements page will help you determine what you need to take.

The Course Schedule lists courses the that will be offered each semester - Summer 2014; Fall 2014;

The Registar’s Office registration information page is a handy reference for all things related to registration including what to do before registering, registering for classes and then finishing registration.

 Updated: April 3, 2014

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The McKetta Undergraduate Office is the main source for academic and professional development of McKetta undergraduate chemical engineering students. The office provides degree planning guidance with help from the McKetta Undergraduate Faculty Advisor and faculty advisors who advise students during early registration periods. The office provides resources for registration procedures, degree requirements, course prerequisites and policies and procedures.

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Business Foundations Courses

Business Foundations Program (BFP), not currently listed on the approved technical option area course lists, or not previously approved by the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, will not be approved to count toward the BS degree in Chemical Engineering (effective October 15, 2012)