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Spring 2015 Early Registration has concluded.

If you registered for Spring 2015 classes during early registration then you will be able to adjust your schedule before classes start in January 2015. Check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) for your next registration access periods.


Priority seating in the following courses for Spring 2015 will be allocated based on graduation date:

NOTE: Misrepresenting your graduation date to gain access to restricted course(s) is a non-academic violation to the UT Honor Code. Students who engage in such behavior will be referred to the Student Judicial Services Office and will be dropped from courses for which a seat was or seats were gained dishonestly.

Spring 2015 graduates: ChE 350, ChE 360, ChE 264, ChE 473K

Fall 2015 graduates: ChE 253M, ChE 363, ChE 372

Spring 2016 graduates: ChE 322, ChE 333T, ChE 348, ChE 253K, ChE 354

Fall 2016 graduates: ChE 353

Spring 2017 graduates: ChE 317

After students are accommodated in the courses they  need to make progress toward the degree, and if there are seats available, students will be added to courses off of the waitlists.

Non-major waitlist: Are you a non-major interested in taking a chemical engineering course? If yes, then sign up on the Non-major Waitlist. The waitlist will be reviewed on the 4th class day (January 23, 2015) and you will be notified if a seat is available in the course.

Advising for Spring 2015 Early Registration has concluded

FAQ: What should I do if I missed faculty advising?

If you missed faculty advising please complete the Spring 2015 Advising Sheets and submit them to the McKetta Undergraduate Office,

You may drop by the McKetta Undergraduate Office and speak with a peer advisor to discuss your course selections. A peer advisor is on duty Monday-Friday from 9-11 am and 1-4 pm in CPE 2.706.


Helpful Registration Links/Tools for Spring 15 Registration

View your registration bars and access times, and other information on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS).

The Course Schedule lists the courses that will be offered each semester - Summer 2014; Fall 2014; Spring 15.

The Registar’s Office registration information page is a handy reference for all things related to registration including what to do before registering, registering for classes and then finishing registration.


Updated: November 4, 2014


Do you want to receive McKettaChE Advising text message reminders/updates?  Opt in by texting @McKetta to (512) 782-0573. 

The McKetta Undergraduate Office is the main source for academic and professional development of McKetta undergraduate chemical engineering students. The office provides degree planning guidance with help from the McKetta Undergraduate Faculty Advisor and faculty advisors who advise students during early registration periods. The office provides resources for registration procedures, degree requirements, course prerequisites and policies and procedures.

Location CPE 2.706
Office Hours Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 11:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.


Undergraduate Coordinator Kelly McQueary, Ph.D. CPE 2.706 (512) 471-6443 kellym@che.utexas.edu Academic Advisor Jonathan Pereira CPE 2.706 (512) 471-6443 jpereira@che.utexas.edu


  • Degree planning and requirements
  • Advice on policies and procedures
  • Major sequence applications
  • Study abroad information
  • Scholarships

Business Foundations Courses

Business Foundations Program (BFP), not currently listed on the approved technical option area course lists, or not previously approved by the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, will not be approved to count toward the BS degree in Chemical Engineering (effective October 15, 2012).