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1. U.S. Energy Supplies, Origins, and Occurrence

2. Oil Exploration and Production

3. Coal Utilization

4. Recovery of Oil Shale/Tar Sands

5. Energy Storage/Batteries/Fuel Cells /Hydrogen Economy

6. Energy and Transportation

7. Nuclear Power

8. Solar Energy, Wind Power and Other Renewables

9. Biomass Production and Conversion

10. Energy Conservation

11.Climate Change and Energy Utilization

12. Energy Policy and Technology



* = class presentations

1. U.S. Energy Supplies, Origins, and Occurrence

Course on Energy Technology and Policy (CEE)

Global Energy Situation

Global Energy Overview to 2050

Oil Importation Effects on the U.S. Economy

Geology of Oil and Gas* (09/10/2013)

Energy True-False Quiz* (08/28/2013)

*Energy Supply and Demand Overview* (09/03-09/05/2013) Part 1 Part 2

Environmental Trends (09/17/2013)

Energy Economics* (09/12/2013)

China Energy Consumption

World Energy Outlook

Electricity and Sustainability

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2. Oil Exploration and Production

The Oil Business* (09/19/2013)

Hydrofracking (09/19/2013)

Horizontal Drilling (09/19/2013)

LNG Transportation and Storage

LNG and Hydrates

LNG Technology - 1

LNG Technology - 2

Heavy Oil Issues

CO2 Sequestration-1* (10/10/2013) Old ppt*

CO2 Sequestration-2

Carbon Capture Storage - 1

Carbon Capture Storage - 2

CO2 Flue Gas Scrubber

Oil and War

CO2 EOR and Storage in Reservoirs

ANWR Pictures* (09/05/2013)

The Oil Mess - P. Bommer

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3. Coal Utilization

Coal Overview* (10/01/2013)

Coal Reserves and Properties*

Chapter 2

Coal Extraction

Strip Mining Pictures*(10/01/2013)

Chapter 3

Coal Transportation (10/01/2013)

Chapter 4

Coal Preparation and Cleaning

Coal Carbonization

GE Coal Gasification- Clean Coal Commercialization

Coal Gasification*

Coal Gasification Economics

Montana Coal Gasification Project

Chapter 7

Coal Liquefaction* (10/01/2013)

Methanol Based Economy

Chapter 8

Coal Combustion* (10/01/2013)

Oxy-Fuel Combustion*

Chapter 9

Oxyfuel Combustion

Coal Environmental Impact

Clean Coal Power Generation

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Management

Coal Gasification

Integrated Coal Gasification Combine Cycle

Coal Gasification - Future Generation

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4. Recovery of Oil Shale and Tar Sands

Shale Oil

Shale and Tar Sands* (10/03/2013)

Oil Shale Technology

Tar Sand and Oil Shale - Heller

Tar Sand

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5. Energy Storage, Batteries, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Economy

How the grid works (10/08/2013)

Electricity markets (10/29/2013)

Hydrogen as a Fuel (Shell Hydrogen)

Hydrogen Storage Techology

Sources of Hydrogen and the Development of a Hydrogen Economy

Sustainability in the Chemical and Energy Industries

Membrane Separations of Hydrogen - Freeman

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy 2

Hydrogen - The Next Gasoline

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6. Energy and Transportation 

Electric Vehicles-1

Electric Vehicles-2

Plug-in Vehicles (M. Kapner)

Auto Engine Improvements

Plug in Vehicles and Electric Grid*

Diesel Efficiency

Electrochemical Power Systems

Ultralight Vehicles -1

Ultralight Vehicles -2

Plug-in Electric Vehicles* 09/24/2013

Energy and Transportation* 09/26/2013

Road to Sustainable Mobility - (version 2010)

Ultracapacitors and the Electric Car

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel

Hybrid Vehicles

Air Car

NiMH Power Storage

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7. Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power - Klein (11/21/2013)

Nuclear Power and Fukushima

Nuclear Power: Need and Future*

Return of Nuclear Power

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fusion

Need for and Future of Nuclear Power

Reprocessing Spent Fuel

Nuclear Reprocessing - UNEX Method

Uranium Fuel Cycle

Nuclear Energy

Future of Nuclear Waste Management

Fusion Power

Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles

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8. Solar, Wind, and Other Renewables

Wind Energy Overview*(11/07/2013)

Windmill Video

Hybrid Wind/Solar Power Generation - M.Kapner

Heliovolt Solar Technology

Solar Energy Electricity - J. Hoffner* (11/12/2013)

Solar Energy Electricity - J. Hoffner*

Solar Energy Electricity - J. Hoffner*

Solar Energy Electricity - J. Hoffner* (File size =27 MB)

Solar Energy Vliet*

Photovoltaic - Solar Cell (File Size = 40 Mb)

Solar Energy

Solar Photovoltaic Technology and Operation

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind Energy (Vliet)

Wind Energy (Santoso)

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Texas Wind Energy Policy 2007*

Texas Wind Energy Policy 2010*

Tidal and Wave Energy

Wave Energy

Hydroelectric Power & GHG

Electricity from Solar Energy

Cadmium-Telluride Photovoltaics

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy (TBD)


Solar Technologies

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Organic Solar Cells

National Power Grid

Energy Efficiency and Smart Grids (11/05/2013)

Pecan Street Project B. McCracken

Smart Grid Texas

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9. Biomass Production and Conversion

Open Algae Project (F. Seibert & J. Brand) (11/14/2013)

Open Algae Project (Brand)(11/14/2013)

Algae to Biodiesel 1

Algae to Biodiesel 2

Biofuels Overview*(11/14/2013)

Algae the Fuel of the Future*


Ethanol from Corn Process

Sugar Beet vs Corn Ethanol

Bio-diesel Production

Bio-diesel from Oil Fats

Ethanol and Bio-diesel

Cellulosic Ethanol

Biomass Conversion

Bio-diesel Present Situation and Development Prospect

Rural Power Production

Hydrogen and Biofuels (D. Austgen - Shell)*

Bio-diesel from Jatropha

Future Role of Biofuels T. Patzek

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10. Energy Conservation

Effects of Lifestyle Choices on Energy Use

Developing Countries

Energy Conservation Measures*

Energy Conservation (12/03/2013)

Green Building

Energy and the Built Environment W. Cole and Atila Novoselac, 10/22/2013


Landfill Gas Utilization

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11. Climate Change and Energy Utilization

Utility of the Future*

CO2 Emission Reduction Technology

Carbon Cycle* Additional Reading: Here D. Allen (10/15/2013)

IPCC Report on Climate Change

Global Warming in Texas 1

Global Warming in Texas 2

Global Warming and Global Dimming

UT Sustainability Program (J. Walker)(10/24/2013)

Extracting Water from Air

Global Warming and Coral Reefs

Energy, the US and the Finite World

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12. Energy Policy and Technology

Renewable Power Policy (Totten)

Energy Regulations (Adelman)

Treasure from Trash S. Markoff

Energy and the Built Environment

Fall 06 Class Policy Recommendations

Energy & Environmental Policy*

*Political Economy of Energy Policy V. Rai (10/31/2013)

2008 Transportation Energy Policy (10 Presentations)

2010 Transportation Policy Presentations

2011 Transportation Policy Presentations

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