Graduate students in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering are educated to tackle complex issues through classroom, lab, and real-world training.

All students complete a minimum of 18 hours of coursework, serve two semesters as a Teaching Assistant (TA), and present their work as part of a seminar series during their 3rd year. They must write a preliminary research proposal and pass an oral exam before advancing to candidacy. Finally, all students submit dissertations and pass final oral examinations to complete the program. All of these requirements are designed to prepare students for careers in academia or industry, while allowing ample flexibility and time to focus on research.


  • 18 hours of coursework (typically equaling 6 courses)

    • 9 credit hours in required chemical engineering technical coursework, maintaining a 3.0 GPA

    • 9 credit hours of electives

  • Two semesters of TA service to the department

  • Passing a candidacy examination by the 4th long semester

  • Participating in the 1st and 3rd-year seminars

  • Completing annual committee update meetings after advancing to candidacy

  • Completing a dissertation and passing a Final Oral Examination

Supervisor Selection

Students are admitted to the graduate program without the need to identify a faculty advisor beforehand. Students have the opportunity to discuss their research interests with potential faculty advisors during the graduate program recruitment weekend in the spring, the summer peer-mentor program, orientation in mid-August and throughout the beginning of the fall semester until the end of September when students rank their faculty advisor preferences. The department finalizes the graduate student-advisor match during the first week of October. 

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